Vacancy: Weltevree Brand Ambassador

About the job or assignment 
At Weltevree we are looking for a brand ambassador for the German market. This vacancy or assignment can be performed both by an individual or an agency. As a brand ambassador of Weltevree you or your team will be responsible for selling our entire collection through all channels online-, retail and B2B. In this role, you will be responsible for expanding existing relationships and activating new business and markets. 

Ideally you identify with outdoor living and lifestyle. You know your way around in the German retail furniture industry, what are trend locations and who are the people behind it. You know urban planners and garden- and landscape architects. 
About Weltevree 
Weltevree is a Dutch design label. With an enthusiastic team, we share the enthusiasm to put the world of Weltevree on the map. We want to grow further into a brand with original products that encourage you to explore your environment and use it in a new way. 

We identify ourselves mostly as a consumer brand, so to be successful as our ambassador you are already familiar with the German furniture retailers and you know how to find your way around. 

From our head office in Amersfoort we work in an open and informal atmosphere with a lot of flexibility and room for your own input! We sell our products to (business) customers via resellers (dealers) in the Netherlands and abroad, via the project market and via intermediaries such as architects and designers. We also sell directly to consumers through our webshop. 

You (and/or your colleagues/agency):
  • are responsible for achieving the revenue and margin targets of all your clients. 
  • will create new business and further expand existing business in the various channels – online, B2B, and retail – while communicating our brand values effectively; 
  • will be our star at events and fairs. A real connector. 
  • are the link between the German market and your colleagues at the office in the Netherlands. 
  • are responsible for actively visiting and expanding existing key accounts in Germany. 
  • analyze the monthly turnover figures and reports of your clients and based on this you make an action plan. 
  • prepare negotiations and take care of the negotiation agreements with your clients. 
  • proactively provide input with the aim of growing collaboration and revenue. 

What we offer 
This depends on the kind of partnership we will proceed with. Do you want to work as an independent agent, freelancer or do you want to become a member of our team in Amersfoort.

Next Steps
We would like to discuss the possibilities together. Please send an email with motivation and resume to derkjan@weltevree.nl.

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