Create your own board game tokens

What better way to spend quality time with family and friends than to play board games together? The idea to play a board game can come up spontaneously at times. Luckily our tea towel is designed with exactly this in mind. It gives you the option to play games anywhere, anytime. To actually play this board game (or any other game) however, you will need tokens! Learn how to create your own and make a fun project out of it. 

Making your own board game pieces is a fun activity and a great way to connect to your environment. There’s plenty of ways to get creative with the things you can find in nature or in and around your own home. We’ll list some of our favorite ideas below.
1. Customize things you find in nature 

A walk through the forest or a stroll along the beach already gives you a lot of material to work with. Pick up any acorns or shells you can find until you have as many as you need for all your players. Rocks work well too. Once you’ve collected enough, the customization starts. Paint them in different colors, draw on them with markers, brand them with stickers, or do something completely different to mark the tokens as your own. 

Things to pick up: 
  • Shells 
  • Rocks 
  • Acorns 
  • Chestnuts 
  • Berries in different colors
2. Use everyday items around the house 

No problem if you don’t want to go far or if the weather doesn’t allow for an outdoor activity. There are many things to find inside your house that can be used as board game pieces. With some paint and markers, it’s easy to make them your own. 

Things to use: 
  • (Beer) bottle caps 
  • Wine corks 
  • Cardboard cut into different shapes 
  • Uncooked macaroni/pasta 

Not too creative or no time to customize a token? Different colored candies or chocolates work well too. With the added bonus of being able to eat them once you’ve finished playing!  
Time to play 

When you’re done making your own tokens, you can use them for any board game you want. If you bring your Weltevree tea towel along with you when collecting the tokens, you could even play a game right there and then! How about a game of Ludo on the beach or a game of checkers on a nice field in the forest?