Maintenance of Weltevree products

In order to preserve the quality of our products, they may need some maintenance from time to time. On this maintenance page we’ll provide you with information on each material and advice you how to best take care of it, so your Weltevree product can provide you with comfort for many years.

The foundation of our products 

The Foundation of our products Choosing the right material is a conscious process which involves research. Our aim is to choose materials that need as little maintenance as possible and add to the experience and quality of our products. That’s why we highlight our materials and their capabilities on this page. Once you know more about them you start to recognize the full potential of a product.

Our Materials

How to maintain fiberglass
How to maintain Corten steel
How to: our tips to prepare your Weltevree furniture for the summer!
How to maintain Accoya wood?
A step-by-step manual for the Swing

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