Designer: Dick van Hoff
Heating Room: 30x33cm
Space: Suitable for outdoors
Warranty period: 12 months
Material: 3mm Cortensteel
Can I also use coal for the oven instead of wood?  
You can, but this can only be done for grilling, not for pizza baking. 

What accessories can I use and what is the use?  
Our Floorplate protects the ground from falling ash. The extra meter of pipe ensures a better draught and thus better combustion. The Chimney Cowl keeps out rain and dirt. It does stop some sparks, but insurance will not approve this product as a spark arrestor. Within our collection we also have a Pizza Oven, Gloves, Ax, Ovendish, Cookbook, K-lumet and Thermometer.  

My rust layer is coming off or starting to peel, now what?  
This can be prevented if the stove is cleaned regularly as described in the manual. It is quite normal for the rust layer to come off when the outdoor furnace is used and not cleaned regularly with a wire brush. Smoke and soot mixed with rust form a layer that can fall off after some time. After cleaning, another layer of rust will then form here again. Cleaning with a steel brush and flaking off the rust does not affect the service life. If you measure the steel with a caliper gauge after brushing, it will still be 3mm of Corten steel. 

I can't get the oven hot enough, what can I do?  
Try dry and smaller wood. Also, remove the ash from the combustion chamber to ensure air supply through the side holes.  

Can I install an outdoor furnace under a canopy?  
We have a manual available for more information on how to install an outdoor furnace in a canopy. To install the outdoor oven through the roof, a special roof grommet is required, which can be purchased at your local hardware store. The outdoor oven must also be placed at least one meter from any flammable object. An outdoor furnace is not suitable for indoor use because of the gases and heat released, it is not possible to place it in a closed space.  

My hotplate is crooked, what now?  
This can happen, but is not a problem for the use of the outdoor oven. It can be bent back so that the heating plate no longer wobbles. New heating plates are also available on our spare parts page

A part is broken or I have lost a part of the Outdooroven, how do I fix this?  
On our spare parts page you can order small parts that have been lost. If you are really missing a part at delivery, please contact us at 

How can I maintain my Weltevree products in the best way? 
More maintenance tips for our products can be found on our maintenancepage.


The top of the oven heats up as heat is spread throughout the Outdooroven. This makes the flat top suitable for keeping a pan with contents warm as well. For example, heat up crispy sausages, chocolate milk or a sauce on it!


The Outdooroven is wood-fired. The fire can be used for warmth and coziness as well as for cooking, grilling and baking. The fire should burn for about 30 minutes before the oven and pizza stone are ready for use. Need help starting the fire? Read how to do it here.


The Outdoor oven has a double wall. Between them, smoke is directed away from the fire, past the oven and through the chimney. Because of this construction, less smoke is emitted through the fireplace opening and the food in the oven section does not come into contact with the smoke.
"It seemed natural to me to combine the practical with the pleasurable."

Dick van Hoff


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The Pizza Shovel helps you take warm dishes and pizzas out of the oven with ease. The enhanced handle offers extra grip and helps to keep it upright without the risk of it tipping over. This way the blade stays clean and ready for use. Place the shovel next to your oven or hang it from a wall.

The Magnetic Thermometer is used to heat your Outdoor oven to the correct temperature. Because the back is magnetic, the thermometer is easy to place on the oven. For the most accurate reading, it is important to place the thermometer on the inside of the top compartment. 

The Outdooroven door matches any Outdooroven (new and already in use). When using the Outdooroven with door the temperature in the oven increases and the smoke is better extracted via the chimney, plus you will burn the wood more efficiently.

Can be used underneath the Outdooroven to protect the terrace or balcony against sparks that can drop from the oven and on soft surfaces from sinking the outdoor oven. The floorplate does not get hot and does not protect the patio from rust.

The chimney cowl protects the Outdooroven pipe against possible incoming rain and acts as a spark arrestor.

The Extra Meter Chimney Pipe fits perfectly on the standard Outdooroven pipe. The pipe causes a stronger draught effect, which improves the heat distribution throughout the oven. This leads to shorter cooking times!

The K-LUMET firestarter is an odorless firelighter and kindling in one. With the K-LUMET you effortlessly light a fireplace, stove or barbecue, after which it burns for 12 to 15 minutes. In addition to being efficient, the K-LUMET is also an environmentally friendly option. It is made from recycled materials and contains no harmful substances. One package contains 16 pieces, enough to light 16 fires. It works like a firelighter. Light the K-LUMET by the wicks on the two sides and then cover it with some firewood or charcoal. The K-LUMET burns for 12 to 15 minutes, long enough to light the fire.