All about the strong Corten steel

The Outdooroven (XL) is known for its rust color. But there is more to this rust layer than just the robust look. The rust layer develops over time because of a material called Corten steel. Corten steel is a material that is made for outdoor use. It requires almost no maintenance. But how does the rust layer develop? And what makes Corten steel so strong? Discover everything about the strength of Corten steel. 

What is Corten steel? 

Corten steel is also known as weathering steel. The COR comes from corrosion resistant and the TEN from tensile strength. In short, this material can withstand wind and rain. The reason for this is in the special rust coating. In fact, this type of steel was developed to eliminate the need for painting while creating a stable rust-like appearance. Corten steel therefore does not rust in the same way as normal steel does. With normal steel, the rust layer is porous, allowing air and water to pass through it. As a result, all steel will eventually rust. 

With Corten steel, when rusting, a so-called “patina layer” develops. This is non-porous, so the rusting process is limited to the outer layer. This forms a protective coating so that Corten steel can protect itself from all weather influences. As a result, the lifespan of this material is very high. Because the Outdooroven is made of thick Corten steel, it can be placed outside for years without any problems.
The rust layer has to develop first 

Upon delivery the Outdooroven might look different than expected. That is because the oven is delivered without a layer of rust. However, treatment is not necessary before using it. When placing the Outdooroven outside, the rust layer will develop within a few weeks or months. It is not possible to say exactly how long this process will take, as it depends on weather conditions that will vary from city to city and country to country. So these environmental factors such as sea breezes and trees will cause each oven to rust in a different way. This way, every Outdooroven is unique!
How do you maintain Corten steel?

To prolong the life of the Outdooroven, it is wise to clean it at least once a year with a firm brush. In addition, we recommend removing leaves and other dirt from the oven, as this can damage the rust layer. Click here for more maintenance tips.  

It is evident that the rust layer on the Outdooroven is not just there for its robust appearance. Thanks to the use of the Corten steel material, the Outdooroven will provide many years of enjoyment.
This outdooroven is an eye-catcher in any garden! Enrich your garden or patio with the Outdooroven Original. From bread rolls for breakfast to pizza or sparibs for dinner: the outdoor oven is a real all-rounder and contains an outdoor fireplace, oven and barbecue grill in one. So you can enjoy adventurous meals outdoors all year round. In summer with a cocktail and in winter with a hot chocolate.  In the lower open compartment the wood fire is stoked. Above it is a compartment with a lockable flap, in which you can bake. The top of the Outdooroven is flat and warm enough for cooking. The outdoor oven easily reaches temperatures up to 350 degrees and is expandable with various accessories. This iconic design by Dick van Hoff is made of high-quality 3mm thick Corten steel and will last at least 10 years. The outdoor oven comes complete with pizza stone, grill grid and 1 meter stove pipe. Complete your Outdooroven with various accessories.  Light a fire, make some goodies in the outdoor oven and chat with your friends while enjoying the crackling wood fire in the background. 

The Outdooroven XL, designed by Dick van Hoff, is a complete outdoor kitchen for the true masterchef. This wood oven has a large grill, a pizza stone with lockable door and a lid under which you can smoke and cook meat, fish or vegetables. Gather the ingredients for a tasty dish and make outdoor cooking a real experience. Take a seat at the garden table and taste your prepared food, while still letting the Outdooroven XL fire deliciously. The Outdooroven XL is made of 3mm thick corten steel of the highest quality and will last at least 10 years. The oven space can easily reach 350 degrees hot. To store the Outdooroven XL in a nice and handy way, you can order a wooden base as an addition.