Designer: Dick van Hoff
Space: Suitable for outdoors
Warranty period: 12 months
Material: 3mm Cortensteel
Can I also use coal for the oven instead of wood? 
You can, but this can only be done for grilling, not for pizza baking. 

What accessories can I use and what is the use? 
The extra meter of pipe ensures a better draught and thus better combustion. The Chimney Cowl keeps out rain and dirt. It does stop some sparks, but insurance will not approve this product as a spark arrestor. Within our collection we also have a Pizza Oven, Gloves, Ax, Ovendish, Cookbook, K-lumet and Thermometer. 

My rust layer is coming off or starting to peel, now what? 
This can be prevented if the stove is cleaned regularly as described in the instructions. After cleaning, a new rust layer will form here. The service life will not be affected by this. 

I can't get the oven hot enough, what can I do? 
Try dry and smaller wood. Also, remove the ash from the combustion chamber to ensure air supply through the side holes. 

A part is broken or I have lost a part of the Outdooroven, how do I fix this? 
On our spare parts page you can order small parts that have been lost. If you are really missing a part at delivery, please contact us at 

How can I maintain my Weltevree products in the best way? 
More maintenance tips for our products can be found on our maintenancepage.


Once the wood fire turns into coals, they can be used for barbecuing. The stainless steel grill racks can be placed at different height positions relative to the fire. This allows you to choose how close above the coals you want to cook. Between the coals you can also roast potatoes and other vegetables.


The Outdooroven XL is wood-fired. The fire can be used for warmth and atmosphere as well as for cooking. The fire must burn for about. 30 minutes before the oven and pizza stone are ready for use.


The Outdooroven XL has a double wall. In between, smoke is directed away from the fire, past the oven and through the chimney. This prevents smoke from entering the oven and reduces smoke around the Outdooroven XL. To give the food a smoky flavor, the grill can be used with the lid closed.
"The Outdooroven XL provides a place for people to gather and cook together, just like a campfire or indoor kitchen." 

Dick van Hoff


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