EAN: 8719274200093
Length: 12000 mm
Weight: 5.5 kg
Designer: Floris Schoonderbeek
Product Color : White, Multicoloured
Space: Suitable for outdoors
Warranty period: 12 months
Material: Glass
Finish: Painted
Can I combine a Stringlight with other colors myself?
No, we only have the white and colored version.

What to do if one lamp doesn't work?
Check whether the metal strips in the fitting are in the right position; one up, one down. NOTE: first take off the power then check.  

What to do if a bulb is broken?  
New bulbs can be ordered via the spare parts pageThe repair manual can be downloaded here, but the cap should only be replaced by a professional.  

What should I do if there is a short circuit?  
The Stringlight should not create a short circuit, please contact info@weltevree.nl. 

How can I maintain my Weltevree products in the best way? 
More maintenance tips for our products can be found on our maintenancepage.


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The glass shades are carefully blown by experienced glass blowers. No two shades are exactly the same, making each Stringlight a unique product. After each shade is blown, the glass is hand cut and sharp edges are rounded.


The colored caps are hand-sprayed on the inside. They also have a tempered coating. If you look at the caps up close, you can see slight color variations due to the manual process. Once you hang and light the Stringlight, these spots are virtually invisible.


The Stringlight consists of a cable with 8 fittings. At one end is a (European) plug. Plug this into an outlet to light the Stringlight. At the other end of the cable is a sturdy metal hook. This allows you to attach the Stringlight to a pole, branch or other object.
"The Stringlight turns any location into a special spot. The open space around your tent will become your garden, a place underneath the trees is transformed into a living room and an industrial hall becomes a restaurant. The glass lamp shades turn a standard flat cable into a charming lamp cord for indoor and outdoor use."

Floris Schoonderbeek
The Framehouse by Weltevree provides an inviting and screened-in area within a larger space. The cottage shape, open construction and wood create an accessible feel. The Framehouse fits perfectly into an open office interior or a sleek designer garden. Place a lounge piece or garden table in the Framehouse and dress it up with plants and lamps. The Framehouse provides the foundation for a personalized space. The minimalist house, designed by Floris Schoonderbeek, is constructed from beams of high-quality and durable Douglas fir wood. The beams are connected with smart steel joints. The Framehouse is available in two sizes: either with 4 arches (3.5m long) or with 5 arches (4.5m long). In addition, one platform can be installed indoors or outdoors and a transparent polycarbonate roof is available. The delivery time depends on the composition of your Framehouse. The Framehouse can be customized to your personal wishes. Contact us at info@weltevree.nl for more information about the possibilities and delivery time of your Framehouse.

Various options from €1,495.00
The Forestry Table is a dinner table made of Douglas fir wood originating from Dutch forests. The wood is assembled with steel bow-tie wood joints. The wood will eventually develop a natural grey patina when left untreated. It is available in a Raw and Refined version. The Forestry Tables are made from wood sourced from Dutch forests in cooperation with Staatsbosbeheer (a Dutch government organization for forestry and the management of nature reserves). The Forestry Table is available in different sizes, fitting 6, 8 or 12 people. To extend the life of your furniture, it is good to give it an oil treatment once a year. 

Various options from €2,295.00
The Wheelbench is an easily movable two- to three-person wheelbarrow bench. The surprising combination between a bench and wheelbarrow wheel enhances the active outdoor feeling. You can also easily move the bench alone, by driving the bench like a wheelbarrow. With the Wheelbench you can easily find a spot in the sun or shade. Place the bench wherever you want, put a sheepscoat on it and enjoy the peace and quiet outside. The Wheelbench is available in two versions: Oak or Accoya wood. Both versions of the Wheelbench come untreated. That gives you the choice to treat the wood yourself with oil or impregnate it to preserve its color. If you don't treat the wood, it will slowly develop a beautiful gray patina.

The Bended Lounger garden chair is part of the cozy Bended Series. The garden chair forms a sturdy design thanks to the plates, which are bent in 45 degrees. In addition, both sides are reinforced with steel. Because the Bended Lounger is made of light aluminum, it is easily movable. The garden chair adapts flexibly to any surface and does not wobble. The chair can be used indoors and outdoors and comes with a Bended Cushion of 55x55 cm.  Place the chair in a sunny spot or close to the outdoor oven and prolong being outdoors. Use the Bended Lounger in combination with our Bended Stool or other products from the Bended Series, to create a cozy seating area in your garden or on the balcony. Take a moment for yourself in your seating area with a good book and a cup of tea or enjoy a cozy evening of drinks with friends or family.   The Bended Series products, designed by Jaïr Straschnow, are made of 3mm aluminum, which is 100% recyclable. Because the Bended products feature a powder-coated finish, they require little maintenance. You easily clean the products with a soft cloth and water. Everything in the Bended Series can be used indoors and outdoors and is available in light green or gray-blue.