Length: 740 mm
Width: 600 mm
Height: 860 mm
Weight: 14 kg
Designer: Floris Schoonderbeek
Fieldchair: Fieldchair, Fieldchair + Sheepscoat Brown, Fieldchair + Sheepscoat White
Space: Suitable for outdoors
Warranty period: 12 months
Material: Larch Wood
Finish: Untreated
There is resin coming out of the chair. How can I remove resin?  
The label on the chair indicates how to remove the resin. Do not use turpentine, which can cause staining. 
How can I treat the Fieldchair?  
To treat the Fieldchair, we offer a Maintenance Kit for wood in our webshop. 

How can I maintain my Weltevree products in the best way? 
More maintenance tips for our products can be found on our maintenancepage.


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The Fieldchair is completely fabricated from untreated larch wood harvested solely from sustainable forests. This gives the chair its natural look and emphasizes the strength of the material. Larch wood is very durable and will last up to 10 to 15 years even without any treatment. When larch wood is left untreated, the material ages into a beautiful silvery grey.


Strong polyester connections are used in assembling the Fieldchair. They keep the wooden beams together, while leaving narrow spaces in between them. Thanks to these narrow spaces the Fieldchair offers more comfort. The connections between the bottom seat and backrest create enough space for the chair to seamlessly fold into a compact shape which is easy to store.


A strong loop made of textile is added at the front of the seat. This loop is strong enough to carry the weight of the Fieldchair when it’s hung from a hook or carried by hand.
“I sense that the arrival of computers and smartphones caused a need for authenticity to emerge. People want to be able to take their distance from everyday life and want to sit down in front of a small fire or experience things hands-on instead of through a digital screen. The true luxury is enjoying those moments, surrounded by just the basics of life." 

Floris Schoonderbeek
To prolong the life of your wooden furniture, a treatment with wood oil is recommended. Use the oil before usage of the product to protect the wood, make it easier to clean and to slow down the aging process. From that moment on it can be used as maintenance around twice a year.

An eye-catcher in every garden! Enrich your garden or patio with the Outdooroven Original. An all-rounder - outdoor fireplace, pizza oven & barbecue grill in one - enjoy outdoor dining and outdoor living all year round. The Outdooroven is made of high quality Corten steel with walls of 3mm thick. The wood fire is stoked in the lower open compartment. Baking is done in the compartment above, which can be closed with a flap, and cooking is done on the flat top of the Outdooroven.  This Iconic design from Dick van Hoff is made from 3mm highest quality Corten Steel and will last for at least 10 years when stored outside all year long. In the lower compartment the wood burning fire will make sure for an even heat distribution heating up the upper (pizza) compartment. The outdooroven can get up to 350 degrees easily and is expandable with various accessories. The Outdooroven is delivered with a one meter chimney pipe, a grill rack and pizza stone. Complete your Outdooroven with various accessoires.

The Carrier is an interactive product that offers more than just storage space. The sturdy carrier basket is both decorative and functional and can be used indoors and outdoors thanks to its weather-resistant materials. The Carrier can be used as a handy stool, however the Carrier also doubles as extra storage space: remove the seat to store your belongings inside the wired frame or twist the lid of the container to keep small goods inside. The Weltevree Carrier is available in two colorways.

The multifunctional and rechargeable Guidelight lantern, designed by Floris Schoonderbeek, offers you more than just one function: it is a romantic ambient light, adventurous flashlight and focused spotlight all in one. The lightsource of the Guidelight can be dimmed with ease. One full charge equals 150 hours of usage. Combine the Guidelight with our Hook set to hang the Guidelight to a wall, ceiling and with a rope in a tree. The Guidelight has a lifespan of 50.000 hours of usage and is charged via a micro USB cable. The Guidelight is designed for outdoor usage and is splash proof. On which adventure will you bring the Guidelight?

The Bended Stool is a multifunctional stool, which is also perfect to use as a side table. The Bended Stool is made of lightweight aluminum making it easy to move to a new spot. The curved aluminum plates are bent at 45 degrees to form a sturdy design and flexibly adapts to any surface, so the stool or table never wobbles. Use the Bended stool in combination with our bended garden table to create a cozy dining area in your garden or balcony and dine with friends and family. Or as a side table next to our Bended Lounger to grab a coffee moment or read a book. The stool or table can be used both indoors and outdoors.  The products from the Bended Series are made of 3mm aluminum, which is 100% recyclable, and have a powder coated finish, ideal because this means these products require little maintenance. It is easy to clean with a soft cloth and water. Available in two colors: Light Green and Gray Blue. Add the Bended cushion set for extra comfort. Complete your set with our other products in the bended series.