Meet our designer: Floris Schoonderbeek

Floris Schoonderbeek studied product design at ArtEZ School of Arts in Arnhem. In an ever-changing world not only do our surroundings change, our needs evolve as well. Floris wants to cater to these new needs as a designer, entrepreneur and concept developer. Practical solutions for a creative existence in a more beautiful world are his motives. Experience, functionality and sustainability are key in his vision. In his studio he creates his concepts, products and (art) works. Floris’ main goal: providing for a more independent and sustainable existence.
“You go on an adventure in your own backyard, or create comfort in the middle of nowhere”
The Dutchtub Original is without a doubt Floris’ most excellent design. The mobile tub, warmed by a wood oven, can be enjoyed everywhere. Forage some wood, fill the tub with either ground- or seawater and enjoy the warm bath. The Dutchtub will make you look at your environment in a completely new manner: transform your own backyard into an adventure, or create comfort in the middle of nowhere. Besides this design Floris made other designs for Weltevree: Dutchtub LoveseatDutchtub WoodGuidelightForestry TableForestry Bench and Stringlight.
Would you like to know more about Floris Schoonderbeek? Follow him on one of his social media accounts or have a look on his website: florisschoonderbeek.com

Ontwerpen door Floris Schoonderbeek

The multifunctional and rechargeable Guidelight lantern, designed by Floris Schoonderbeek, offers you more than just one function: it is a romantic ambient light, adventurous flashlight and focused spotlight all in one. The lightsource of the Guidelight can be dimmed with ease. One full charge equals 150 hours of usage. Combine the Guidelight with our Hook set to hang the Guidelight to a wall, ceiling and with a rope in a tree. The Guidelight has a lifespan of 50.000 hours of usage and is charged via a micro USB cable. The Guidelight is designed for outdoor usage and is splash proof. On which adventure will you bring the Guidelight?

Experience the joy of taking a warm bath in your own backyard. The wood fired Dutchtub Original is fully heated by natural circulation: collect wood, start a fire and wait for the water to warm up before taking a well deserved seat in the comfortable Dutchtub in the open air. The Dutchtub comes with a luxury hardtop cover and wok. The Dutchtub is heated in a special way. Within about 2 hours the tub has a temperature of 38 degrees. The water at the bottom of the tub is sucked in via the spiral and heated by the fire. The warm water flows back into the tub and in this way makes use of the natural circulation of the water. The Dutchtub holds 600 liters of water per splash. The Dutchtub is produced from polyester and the steel spiral heats the water by natural circulation. The Dutchtub Original is available in 3 different unique colors and fits 4 adults. Complete your Dutchtub with various accessoires. Also discover our other Dutchtub options here. 

Dutchtub Wood is one of three iconic outdoor bathtubs from the Weltevree. collection. The Dutchtub Wood is finished with wooden Plato wood panels which received a thermal treatment making sure they last for a long period of time. The tub can accommodate a maximum of four adults. The water is heated via natural circulation by lighting a fire in the steel coil attached to the Dutchtub. The Dutchtub Wood from Weltevree comes with a cover and a wok for cooking on the heating coil. The cover serves on the one hand to protect when the Dutchtub is not in use, but also ensures that the heat created stays in the Tub during firing. Matching the Wood, the Weltevree range includes a separately orderable side table designed exclusively for the Dutchtub Wood. Available in RAL 7002 with wooden paneling.

The Forestry Table is a dinner table made of Douglas fir wood originating from Dutch forests. The wood is assembled with steel bow-tie wood joints. The wood will eventually develop a natural grey patina when left untreated. It is available in a Raw and Refined version. The Forestry Tables are made from wood sourced from Dutch forests in cooperation with Staatsbosbeheer (a Dutch government organization for forestry and the management of nature reserves). The Forestry Table is available in different sizes, fitting 6, 8 or 12 people. To extend the life of your furniture, it is good to give it an oil treatment once a year. 

These mouth-blown glass lamp shades make for cheerful lighting for indoor and outdoor use. The glass shades are colored and coated and can stay outside all year long. The Stringlight transforms a classic flat cable into a charming Stringlight that will mark any indoor or outdoor area as a special spot. Some Features: 12 meter added cable.4 meters from the electrical plug until the first shade.2 meters between the last glass shade and the hook. 90 centimetres between each glass shade. The Stringlight must be attached at least five points, otherwise there is too much pressure on the ends. Light bulbs are included.