Help feed the birds this winter

Birds have a hard time in winter. As it gets colder, food supplies go down. There are less insects, seeds and berries around, making it harder for birds to find food. All this while they actually need a lot of energy to stay warm enough to make it through winter. Luckily there is a way to help them out. Create your own fat and seed balls! 

How to make fat and seed balls Making your own bird feeders is an easy activity. Within a few short steps, you’ll be ready to place or hang them in your garden. Once the birds find out about the food, they will probably not hesitate to stop by your house quite often. Try and spot what type of birds you can see! 

What do you need? 
  • vegetable/beef suet or lard 
  • bird seed mix 
  • a cotton string 
  • a type of mold. We used cake molds and a dish shaped like a Christmas tree
1. Mix one part lard or suet to two parts seed mix. Gently heat the lard in a saucepan and let the fat melt. Then stir in the seed mixture and let it all cool down slightly. 

2. Pour the warm mixture into your chosen mold or shape with your hands (be careful to let it cool down enough before you do so).
3. If you want to hang your fat and seed ball, it is important to place a string into the warm mixture before it sets. This is easier than trying to tie a string afterwards (we learned this the hard way).  

4. Let it all set. If the balls won’t set, it can help to place them in the freezer for a short period of time. 
5. Place your mini bird cakes on a bird table in the garden (make sure to remove the paper) or hang them from a tree. You’re ready for some bird watching! 

Important note: Always make sure to hang them at least 1,5 meters above ground in a safe spot, away from possible cats.