"I have no grand ideologies, just common sense"

"I have no grand ideologies, just common sense"

The beer table set is a modern classic: functional, minimalist and foldable so that it can be easily stored - the product has almost only advantages. Still, there was one thing that bothered designer Jair Straschnow without exception: the beer table set as we know it is very unstable. 
The standard beer bench is top-heavy and narrow with straight legs, so it wobbles when you sit on it and quickly falls over when standing up. This minor annoyance was the driving force behind Straschnow's design for the Salut Beerbench. "Every time I walked past one of those wobbly beer benches, I felt the need to make something better out of it," he said. 

The solution was small, but with great impact: by giving the beer bench's seat a seven-degree angle inward, the legs come out slightly when unfolded. This trapezoidal shape makes the bottom wider than the top, significantly increasing the stability of the beer bench. A coincidental added benefit of the angle in the seat, is that it also makes the bench extra comfortable.

The Salut Beerbench is a signature illustration of Straschnow's pragmatic design philosophy. "My design philosophy has nothing to do with grand ideas or inventions never before conceived, but everything to do with common sense.I observe a problem and this drives me to make something better than it is. I used to be sure I had something very important to say.Now I'm sure I don't and never have.So these days I just want to make something that makes sense and adds value." 

The ingenious beer bench prompted the design of a complete set.With the Salut Beertable, Straschnow stayed close to the archetypal design of the standard beer table, but with some practical extras.By choosing untreated Douglas wood, known for its hardness, the beer table is extremely suitable for outdoor use. In addition, Straschnow reinforced the table with his typical curved and powder-coated steel plates. The Salut Beertable is 20 centimeters wider than the standard beer table, providing extra stability as well as more space. Bonus: the table features a built-in bottle opener on the underside of the tabletop. Thus, the Salut Beertable takes the classic idea of a beer table to the next level.

His choice to bring the Salut Beerset to Weltevree was a logical step, according to Straschnow. The set fits not only Weltevree's design philosophy, but also the brand's vision: supporting quality time. "Whether it's a big event or an intimate garden party, there are always situations where an extra table or bench is needed.That's when Weltevree's Salut Beerset is a robust yet comfortable solution."