Tea Towel Game Instructions: Ludo

Ludo can be a fun, strategic game, in which the players race their four tokens from start to finish. Have you never played Ludo before or has it been a while since you last played? Find out how to play Ludo in the instructions below.

  • 1 Weltevree Tea Towel with Ludo pattern
  • 4 x 4 tokens. Will you be playing with less than four players? Then you’ll need less tokens. Each player plays with 4 tokens each. Mark them with a certain color, pattern or other characteristic.
  • 1 die (or use a dice app)

  • Place the Tea Towel on an even surface. Examples of suitable surfaces are: a table, picnic blanket, floor, large flat rock or the beach
  • Collect your tokens. Each player choses his or her own tokens to play with and marks them with a recognizable color or pattern if necessary.
  • The pattern on the Tea Towel has the pattern of a Ludo game board. This pattern has the shape of a cross and is made up of dots. The arms of the cross are divided in three columns. Two columns are a lighter color than the middle column. The middle column forms the home column. At the corner of each arm, in the four corners of the Tea Towel are four dots placed in a square. This is the starting square. Each player places their tokens on the starting square in front of them before the start of the game.
Goal of the game
Try to get all four tokens to move around the board once and move them into the home column.

  • There is one dice in this game. Before the game starts, all players each roll the die once to decide which player can start. The highest throw of the die starts. 
  • The first player rolls the dice. The player must throw a six to move a token from the starting square onto the first dot on the track. This starting position is marked by a dark dot with a light outline. After placing a token on the starting position, the player has to roll the die again. This is also the case when all tokens of a player are jumped and removed from the board.
Move a token
  • A token can only move in a clockwise direction around the track of dots given by the number thrown. A throw of 6 gives another turn.
  • If a player has multiple tokens on the board, the player can decide which token to move.
Jump a token
If a piece lands on a piece of another player. The piece that is jumped and is returned to the starting square of that player.
If a piece lands upon a piece of the same color, this forms a block. It cannot be passed or landed on. The play passes to the next player. Home column – end of the game Once a piece has circumnavigated the board, it proceeds up the home column of that player. A piece can only be moved onto the home triangle by an exact throw. Or if your token require to move more dots, you have to move another token or pass. The first person to move all four tokens into the home column wins!

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These Weltevree Tea Towels can also serve as a game board for Ludo or checkers. Create your own tokens and challenge your opponent(s) to a game. Any snack bowls, wine glasses or other dishes can wait until after the game, because whoever loses has to do the dishes and dry them off. Rather use a clean towel? They come in a set of two, so you’ll always have a clean tea towel at hand. Our Tea Towels are produced in Portugal and made from 100% organic cotton.