Grin and bear it: why a daily cold shower will benefit your health

When feeling stressed, taking a cold shower might not be the first thing on your mind to try and reduce these stress levels. But taking a cold shower every day has proven to be very beneficial to your health. Whether you’re stressed about going back to work after an amazing holiday or just want to create a higher level of alertness, here’s why turning down the temperature is a great idea. 

“We have become alienated from nature, but the cold is capable of bringing us back to what we once had lost.” 

One of the leading men in the cold shower movement is Wim Hof, the creator of the Wim Hof Method. Wim Hof is also known as “the Iceman” for breaking several records and generally being able to withstand the coldest temperatures. According to Wim Hof, the human species has become alienated from nature. We’re all comfortable in our warm sweaters and are accustomed to inside heating at home and at work. This has led to a loss of our “inner power”. Something we can take back by stimulating our bodies; through cold showers for example!
While this concept might be too elusive to some, there’s several proven physical health benefits when it comes to cold showers. We’ll highlight three. Try it at home and end this summer holiday period happy, healthy and strong!

A cold shower a day will take your stress away

Coming back to a full inbox after a vacation can be enough to bring back that stressed feeling. There’s several ways to incorporate some holiday feeling at work, but taking a cold shower every day can definitely help in reducing stress levels. How? Well, a daily cold shower puts a little bit of stress on the body every day. Learning to deal with that prepares the nervous system for handling moderate levels of stress. These cold showers will essentially reset your stress response, making everyday stress feel less intense.

The cold will make you feel more alert

Cold water puts the body in an alert state. While this might not be pleasant at first, practice will learn your body to deal with the cold. Sticking with it and bearing the cold stream will stimulate your body to take deeper breaths, which in return decreases the CO2 level in the body. After leaving the shower, your body and mind will feel awake from the cold, instead of sluggish from the warmth. Ready for a focused day! 

Less chance of getting sick

A cold shower every day will increase the amount of white blood cells in the body. White blood cells are the cells that protect your body against unwanted diseases. Therefore, an increased amount of white blood cells will help in creating a healthy immune system. Over time, this will ensure a healthier and stronger life.

When turning down the temperature you’ll find that these health benefits are only three of many more. Try it out yourself!