Backrest Height: 780 mm
Collapsible: Yes
Designer: Jaïr Straschnow
Maximum carrying capacity: 2 pers - 175 kg
Seat depth: 285 mm
Seating height: 480 mm
Seat width: 1080 mm
Size Options: 2 pax
Space: Suitable for indoors and outdoors
Warranty period: 12 months
Waterproof: Waterproof - possible to keep outdoors
Material: Bamboo
Finish: WOCA Exterior Oil
Product Color : Brown
Is the bamboo treated? 
Yes the bamboo is oiled. We recommend treating the bamboo with an oil every year. Even with an oil, the bamboo will turn gray over time. 

Why is Bamboo chosen? 
Bamboo has many advantages; namely that it grows much faster and therefore renews faster. (4-5 years vs. 50 years for tropical hardwood). It also grows back immediately after being cut down, forest management is therefore easier. Because of the faster growth, less land is needed for an equal amount of biomass vs. wood. Bamboo is also resistant to rot and can be grown without fertilizers and pesticides. And the material is dimensionally stable and has high hardness. 

How many people is the bench suitable for? 
The sofa is suitable for 2 people, but with loose chairs or stools added for 4 people. 

What oil was used in the factory to oil the product? 
A mix of two colors was used in the factory to preserve the natural color of the bamboo as much as possible. For this purpose, 80% Woca Exterior Oil Natural was mixed with 20% Woca Exterior Oil White. At Woca, jars are available with a small bag of white oil to achieve the same effect again. 

Should the product be stored dry? 
In principle, the product is suitable to remain outside all year. However, if it is stored after use, this will significantly extend its life and ensure that the product remains beautiful for longer. Fortunately, the folding function of the Folding Picnic makes it very easy to store.


The clever folding mechanism of the Folding Picnic allows you to picnic, work or relax wherever you want. Simply collapse the table and carry it to your favorite place with the handle at the bottom of the table top.



The bended edge of the table top serves as a comfortable backrest when facing away from the table. Use the Folding Picnic as a table, or lean your back against the bended edge and use it as a bench.



The deep table top allows for various seating options. Enjoy an intimate dinner for two or add chairs to the opposite side of the table to seat up to four people.


"The name says it all: a mobile, folding picnic table that lets you picnic, work or relax where you want, when you want."

Jaïr Straschnow


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