Singer Laren

Singer Laren

In the sculpture garden of Singer Laren Museum, people, nature and art come together. Between the works of art, the contrasting architecture and the lush planting, Weltevree's quirky designs are a unifying factor.
The classic design of a picnic table can often be experienced as immobile and limited in its functions. Designer Jaïr Straschnow was inspired by this observation and developed a contemporary interpretation of the picnic table that is easy to move and can be used in many ways. By cutting the classic design of a picnic table in half, Straschnow creates a multifunctional table that not only saves half the space, but doubles the possibilities. This makes the Tablebench ideal for smaller spaces such as a balcony or an urban garden. Additionally, the bended tabletop serves as a comfortable backrest when facing away from the table. Work, eat and relax, all at the same table. Create different setups by putting the Tablebench against the wall, combining it with chairs or putting two Tablebenches together to form one classic picnic table. The Tablebench is made of bamboo: a particularly sustainable material because of its rapid growth and durability. Due to the powder coating and cataphoresis treatment of the steel frame, the Tablebench is weather resistant. One Tablebench seats three people.

When designer Bertjan Pot designed the Patiobench High, he had been searching for garden furniture that offers both comfort and privacy, but found it a combination that’s hard to find. It led him to design a garden bench that creates a true patio feeling and provides privacy to a garden or an office. Hide away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy a moment of true peace and quiet. The Patiobench High has the same clever design that makes this hardwooden bench actually comfortable and relaxing to sit in, without needing garden pillows. The slats are placed in a particular angle, following the lines of the body to provide optimal softness and support. The Patiobench High will be available in Oxide Red, Gray Blue and Cement Gray.

The classic picnic table is a never ending source of inspiration for designer Jaïr Straschnow. After the iconic Tablebench he has come up with yet another inventive, space-saving and playful design: the Folding Picnic. The name says it all: a mobile, foldable picnic table that allows you to have a picnic, work or relax wherever you want, whenever you want. Whether it’s in the front yard, the backyard, inside, in the sun or in the shade, the Folding Picnic is a table to go. With the clever handle at the bottom of the table, the Folding Picnic is easy to move between different spots in and around the house. The folding mechanism allows you to effortlessly collapse the picnic table and store it away when not in use. Perfect for smaller gardens or balconies. The space-saving design is not only mobile, but also multifunctional. The bended edge of the table top serves as a comfortable backrest when facing away from the table. Use the Folding Picnic as a table, or lean your back against the bended edge and use it as a bench. The deep table top allows for flexibility and variation in seating arrangement. By adding chairs on the opposite side of the table, the Folding Picnic provides space for up to four people. Without additional chairs, the Folding Picnic seats two. The Folding Picnic is made of high-quality bamboo. The inherently strong bamboo is made even tougher by a thermal treatment, prolonging its lifespan further. An additional oil treatment ensures the table will retain its natural appearance for a long time.

With the Sticklight, a contemporary interpretation of the classic torch, designer Thor ter Kulve aims to make the world more playful and adventurous. The Sticklight is more than a portable light source: by sticking the Sticklight into the ground with the pin at the bottom, you claim a place as your own. Just like the flag on the moon: here I am, this is my spot for now. Whether in your own garden, on the beach or in the park, by poking the Sticklight into the ground, you create a place that’s all yours for a while. A foot holder and wall holder are available separately. With its functional and minimalist design, the Sticklight effortlessly connects outdoors with indoors and fits into any environment. The three different light modes, ranging from functional light to mood light, allow you to determine the atmosphere. Depending on the light intensity, the Sticklight lasts 7-100 hours on a fully charged battery. The Sticklight is made of lightweight aluminum and powder coated, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The Sticklight is available in Bottle Green and Oxide Red.

The Wheelbench is an easily movable two- to three-person wheelbarrow bench. The surprising combination between a bench and wheelbarrow wheel enhances the active outdoor feeling. You can also easily move the bench alone, by driving the bench like a wheelbarrow. With the Wheelbench you can easily find a spot in the sun or shade. Place the bench wherever you want, put a sheepscoat on it and enjoy the peace and quiet outside. The Wheelbench is available in two versions: Oak or Accoya wood. Both versions of the Wheelbench come untreated. That gives you the choice to treat the wood yourself with oil or impregnate it to preserve its color. If you don't treat the wood, it will slowly develop a beautiful gray patina.

Bended table 180 including benches
With this composite garden set of the Bended Table 180 and two Bended Benches, you will always be seated firmly. The Bended Series is a series of cleverly designed garden tables and benches where the aluminium plates are bent at 45 degrees to create a strong and flexible construction. Due to this design, the furniture adapts to any surface, so it never wobbles.

Always have a dry seat with the Flip-up chair. Simply flip up the seat when not in use to protect it from rain and dirt. No need to wipe it down with a towel - the next time you want to sit outside, the chair is immediately ready for use. The slight angle in the design makes it a comfortable seat. Because it is horizontally stackable, it needs little space to store in winter (although the material is so durable it can withstand all weather conditions, even in winter). Great if you have a bigger company to seat for an outdoor dinner party. The Flip-up chair is made of super long lasting aluminum and is maintenance free. The chair is powder coated and is available in Oxide Red, Agate Gray and Olive Green.