The benefits of a morning routine

The benefits of a morning routine

Eating healthy, spending more time with family, or any other way to better your life; do you have any new year’s resolutions? We have decided to come up with our own and set a goal for 2020: to lead a more content and conscious life! 

Following our mission of providing products that lead to a more conscious and content life, there are things you can do yourself as well. Let’s start with the importance of having a morning ritual. It is an easy way to more consciously spend the limited time you have each morning and to benefit from it. 

You will gain time 

A big reason to start with a morning ritual is that it will actually make you gain time. How? A set routine means you do not have to make any decisions in the morning. Will you eat breakfast first or walk the dog first? You will know what to do. Since you spend less time having to think about these small decisions, you will notice there is more time left for other things.
You will make healthier choices 

Who doesn’t know the feeling of a real morning rush? Having to decide what to wear, leave the house and get to work in time, and eat a healthy breakfast. Limited time means a higher chance of quickly grabbing a pre-made snack for on-the-go or skipping breakfast all together. By having a clear morning routing and gaining more time, you will also have more time to sit down for a breakfast you like. This of course does not always have to be the healthy choice, as long as you take the time for yourself. Have a cup of tea and your start to the day will feel way less hectic. 

You will feel less stressed

Most importantly, having a set routine will reduce stress. You know the amount of time you have, and you know exactly what to do, meaning there is no need to stress about it. Moreover, the longer you follow a routine, the more automatic it becomes. You will not even have to think about the steps you are taking! You can enjoy a relaxed start to the day every single day.
It is easy to let yourself down by picking a new year’s resolution that comes with big lifestyle changes. Starting with something small, like implementing a morning ritual into your life, means there is a big chance you will be able to keep up with it. See what other lifestyle changes you can make from here! Bringing your own lunch to work, a night routine or maybe even starting your day by taking a cold shower!