What to do with your Christmas tree after Christmas

Whether you leave your Christmas tree for another month after Christmas or get rid of it as soon as possible, your Christmas tree has to go somewhere when you get tired of it. Often, after years of growth, spruces or pines end up on burning piles, the compost heap or in the shredder. A terrible shame, because even after Christmas, a Christmas tree can still be used in many ways that are much more sustainable and also fun.

Replanting your Christmas tree

Without Christmas decorations, the Christmas tree is just another ordinary pine or spruce. If you take good care of the tree inside, you can put it back in the ground after Christmas. This can only be done with a rootballed tree: give the tree a glass of water daily and protect it from heat sources such as the heater or a stove. This will give the roots a chance to hibernate. Before you put the tree back in the garden, let it get used to the outside temperature by putting it in the garage or under a canopy for a few days. Then plant the tree in the ground and you'll enjoy the same Christmas tree again next year.

Cooking with needles

Pine or spruce needles have a wonderful distinctive smell. The fresh forest scent makes the needles great for making fresh tea. However, always check in advance what kind of tree you have and whether it is suitable for consumption - some conifers can be poisonous. You can check this through PlantNet or through the seller of your tree. Besides tea, you can also use the needles in sauces, marinades, breads and broths.

Get creative in the new year

With a Christmas tree in the house, you can't escape falling needles. If you like the smell of needles, it is fun to collect the needles. With the needles you can make a scented bag or potpourri. That way you can keep the fresh needle scent in your home longer. Filling a vase with needles, stones and pine cones is also easily done. This way you create simple winter decoration for the windowsill.
Christmas tree farm

Adopt a tree

Adopting a tree is the most sustainable option for a Christmas tree. You choose a tree of your choice at a Christmas tree farm and have the unique number registered under your name. After the holidays, the tree goes back to the nursery to continue growing. A year later, you can pick up the same tree again. With this concept, you save another Christmas tree from the pyre every year. In addition, your Christmas tree is really your tree and is well cared for in the interim so that you have a beautiful tree every year.
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