EAN: 8719274200451
Length: 2600 mm
Width: 1700 mm
Height: 840 mm
Weight: 75 kg
Designer: Floris Schoonderbeek
Space: Suitable for outdoors
Volume: 600 Liters
Warranty period: 12 months
Material: Fiberglass, Stainless Steel
Product Color : Orange RAL 2000
How long does it take to get the water hot and at what temperature can I heat the Dutchtub?  
When following the tips in this blog article you can heat the Dutchtub to 38 degrees in +/- 2 hours. The advice is to fire the Dutchtub to a maximum of 40 degrees. When this temperature is reached, less wood can be placed in the fire basket to only keep the water at temperature. By using a Cover, Chimney and Windshield, the heating will be faster.  

Which accessories can I use and what is the use?  
Our Wintercover is an extra insulating cover, which ensures a faster heating of the water. The hand-held trailer makes it easy to move the Tub. The Chimney provides a stronger airflow which improves heat distribution. The Ashtray catches the falling ashes. The Windshield protects the fire and speeds up the heating, thus ensuring better combustion. In high winds this makes a big difference, but compared to the Chimney it has a lower efficiency.  

There are scratches on the Dutchtub, now what?  
For shallow scratches a repair kit is not necessary, then just polishing is enough. This is described in the repair manual. For deeper scratches we have a repair kit that can be requested via info@weltevree.nl

Can the cover be blown away?  
Not in normal weather. In case of a strong storm, it is advisable to weight the cover.  

I have lost a part of the Dutchtub, how do I solve this?  
On our spare parts page you can order small parts that have been lost. If you really miss a part upon delivery, please contact us at info@weltevree.nl.

How can I maintain my Weltevree products in the best way? 
More maintenance tips for our products can be found on our maintenancepage.


The Dutchtub is easy to fill with a garden hose connected to the (turbo) tap. A full tub contains approximately 600 liters of water. So you don't have to walk around with buckets yourself.


The coil contains a heating basket, in which you can light a fire. This fire is the heat source for the water. On warmer days, the Dutchtub can also be used as a cold refreshing bath by not lighting the fire.


The Dutchtube is heated by natural circulation of the water. The water at the bottom of the tub flows through the coil at the top of the tub. By stirring the water occasionally, the hot water can be evenly distributed in the tub. Depending on conditions, the water reaches 38 degrees after about 2 hours.
"I have a strong need for direct contact with my surroundings. I want to experience the pleasure of discovering things myself, that feeling of independence. Products that you can do something with, that come alive when you use them. You can heat the Dutchtub yourself with wood. After some effort, you can just sit back contentedly and enjoy the surroundings in a warm bath."

Floris Schoonderbeek


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The chimney guides the smoke to the top and causes a stronger draught effect, improving the heat distribution. Therefore, your fire will burn more efficiently and you will use less wood.

This cover is an additional insulated lid and ensures quick heating of the water in cold circumstances.* The Dutchtub Cover is shipped by special furniture transport due to its great length. They are picked up every Friday and then delivered within 2 weeks. 

The handtrailer allows you to move the Dutchtub Original with ease.

The windshield protects the fire and makes the heating process of the Dutchtub go faster.

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