Category: Loungers
Designer: Joep van Lieshout
Space: Suitable for outdoors
Warranty period: 12 months
Material: Acrylic Fabric, HDPE, HR PU Foam Mattress, Plastic, Polyester Fiber
Color: Gray
How can I maintain my Weltevree products in the best way? 
More maintenance tips for our products can be found on our maintenancepage.

Can the cushions be left outside during all seasons?  
Yes, the cushions and mattress can be left outside, even during a rainstorm. However, it is strongly recommended that you put a cover over the Flying Dishman. Water can accumulate through the slight dimpling in the plastic shell. The cushions and eventually the filling can then get wet. It is strongly recommended that you store the cushions and mattresses in a dry place if they will not be used for a long time. The plastic frame can remain outside throughout the year. 

What can I do if the cushions have become very wet?  
Check whether the filling of the cushions and the mattress have become wet. If not, there is no problem and the cover will dry out. If so, it is advisable to let the cushions or mattresses dry outside with the zipper open in dry weather. 

Is the fabric stain-resistant and are the covers washable?   
The stain-resistant coating makes the covers stain-resistant and easy to keep clean. In addition, the outer covers are washable. Washing instructions are indicated on the washing label on the inside of the covers. However, it is recommended that you first follow the other cleaning instructions provided in the manual.  

The top surface of the Flying Dishman is deformed or bumps up. What to do?  
Because we work with recycled plastic, the material does not have a 100% homogenous shrinkage. This may cause some deformation in the (upper) almost straight surface. We see this as an acceptable consequence of working with a high percentage of post-consumer recycled plastic (60%). When using the mattress, these deformations are not visible. When the Flying Dishman is placed in full sunlight on a hot day, the plastic may soften somewhat. This is not a problem in normal use. Avoid point loads though this could lead to permanent deformation.


Thanks to its circular design, the Flying Dishman is never directed towards one particular vista. Without moving the lounge island, you can easily change your position. Move around, pick a new vista or move along with the sun.


Next to looking good, the Flying Dishman is sustainable as well. It is partly fabricated from recycled waste containers and partly from new material, mixed together to a dark green color. A huge benefit of the material is that it can withstand daily weather conditions and requires almost no maintenance.


The lounge island is the ideal place to relax and forget about your daily worries. It fits 2 to 3 people laying down. Add some cushions and soft blankets and enjoy each other’s company.
“The name refers to the legend of the Flying Dutchman who had to keep sailing and could not leave his ship, resembling the life of the modern man, never sitting down but constantly moving. The Flying Dishman offers us the ideal place to take a break and hide out from our fast paced world.” 

Joep van Lieshout


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