CE mark: Yes
Color Light: Warm White Light
Color temperature: 2600K
Designer: Thor ter Kulve
Dimming function: Yes
Fitting: LED integrated
IP value: IP43
Light direction: all around
Light duration: 7-100 hours, depending on light intensity
Lights: With light
Light source included: Yes
Light source type: LED
Lumen per light point: 70lm
Number of Light points: 1
Operation switch: Yes
Packs: 1 pack
Power supply: USB-C
Rechargeable: Yes
Space: Suitable for indoors and outdoors
Warranty period: 12 months
Waterproof: Yes, leaving it outside is possible, but the advice is still to store it inside in a dry place.
Wattage per light point: 1w
Material: Aluminium
Finish: Powdercoated
Product Color : Bottle Green RAL 6007
Why is there no cable included? 
You probably already have the appropriate charger and cable for the Sticklight. The Guidelight is rechargeable through a charger with a USB connector type C. This is the most common connection for charging cell phones and other devices. Preferably use a 5V, 1A charger to charge the Sticklight. 

How long does the Sticklight stay lit? 
7 to 100 hours depending on which light mode it is used in. 

What is the best way to clean the Sticklight? 
Use a soft cloth, preferably dry or, if necessary, moistened with lukewarm water and mild liquid soap. Do not use harsh cleaning agents. Never open the lamp or charging cap while cleaning. 

The Sticklight is flashing on and off, now what? 
This is a signal to indicate that the Sticklight needs to be charged. 

Can you use the Sticklight outdoors? 
The Sticklight can withstand small splashes of rain or water. This makes the lamp suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The Sticklight is not waterproof, so please bring the lamp inside in case of rain. 

Where is the eye on the Sticklight for? 
The eye on the Sticklight is multifunctional, you can stand on it to get the Sticklight well into the ground, hang it on a branch of a tree or reig it. of a tree or thread a rope through it to hang the lamp. We are especially curious to see how you use the share your photos with #worldofweltevree


With the pin at the bottom, you give the Sticklight a sturdy place in the ground. Whether in your own garden, in the park, forest, or on the beach: wherever you are, you claim the spot as yours for a while. 



Lightweight aluminum makes the Sticklight easy to carry along: wherever you go, the Sticklight goes. In the garden, on the patio or on the terrace. But also along for the ride: on an adventure in the woods, a walk on the beach or in the park. Wherever you go, the Sticklight effortlessly creates the atmosphere that suits the moment. 



With the three light intensities you determine the atmosphere yourself. Suitable light for every situation: from functional light to mood light. 


"Claiming your place is a kind of primal instinct. Like the flag on the moon: I am here, this is my place for now."

Thor ter Kulve


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