Meet our designer: Thor ter Kulve

Thor ter Kulve is a Dutch designer based in London. He studied Design Products at the Royal College of Art in London. In his designs he focusses on ways to make self-sufficient and sustainable living in an urban environment possible and easily accessible. “Most of my energy in my work as a designer comes from thinking about solutions to concrete problems,” says Thor.

His work consists of designing products that evolve natural or civil typologies into functional tools, furniture and solutions. “The Carrier arose from a project with a fellow designer in which we documented my daily life on my residential boat. Any problems I’d face, we tried to solve by creating solutions and prototypes. The Carrier was one of them.” Next to solving problems, Thor’s daily goal is to challenge public spaces and to transform them into playgrounds. He gives new insight to public domain.
“The Swing is the ultimate way of experiencing freedom”

Ter Kulve and Weltevree both share the vision that new possibilities originate in outdoor spaces. His mobile ‘Swing’ is a perfect example of the way Ter Kulve’s designs give the user the ability to make a public space his own, to turn any ordinary lamppost or tree into a playground. Thor: “The Swing is the ultimate way of experiencing freedom”. It is the embodiment of playing with nature. The Swing has been rewarded with the Rabo Burgemeester de Bruin Prize, the cultural incentive prize for artists at the start of their career. The Serious Swing is also a design by Thor ter Kulve.

The Carrier by Thor ter Kulve is a multifunctional piece of furniture. Thor: “It is ideal for easily transporting firewood from the deck of my boat to my wood-burning stove inside. At the same time it doesn’t take any unnecessary space: you can sit on it and underneath the seat is plenty of storage space.”
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Designs by Thor ter Kulve

The Swing, designed by Thor ter Kulve, turns any tree into a playground. The straps used to attach the Swing are suitable for trees or poles up to two meters circumference. Simply attach the swing to a pole or tree and discover your surroundings from a new perspective. A wonderful way to put your thoughts aside or have fun with the kids. Circumfence of the tree should be between 94 and 200cm, for a tree thicker than 2 meters in circumference we have extra long straps, these are available separately in the webshop.   There are 4 guidelines for the Swing: The swing has a maximum load capacity of 100 kg.   For domestic use only.  Designed for outdoor use only.  Due to choking hazard not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

Who said swings are just for kids? The sturdy steel Serious Swing, designed by Thor ter Kulve, takes swinging to the next level. With its large dimensions it is big enough for anyone to swing on. The Serious Swing is made from sturdy steel, finished off in a powder coated warm yellow color and has built-in lights that shine down on the ground. Day and night swinging. The Serious Swing is a real eye-catcher and swinging becomes a new hobby! 

With the Sticklight, a contemporary interpretation of the classic torch, designer Thor ter Kulve aims to make the world more playful and adventurous. The Sticklight is more than a portable light source: by sticking the Sticklight into the ground with the pin at the bottom, you claim a place as your own. Just like the flag on the moon: here I am, this is my spot for now. Whether in your own garden, on the beach or in the park, by poking the Sticklight into the ground, you create a place that’s all yours for a while. A foot holder and wall holder are available separately. With its functional and minimalist design, the Sticklight effortlessly connects outdoors with indoors and fits into any environment. The three different light modes, ranging from functional light to mood light, allow you to determine the atmosphere. Depending on the light intensity, the Sticklight lasts 7-100 hours on a fully charged battery. The Sticklight is made of lightweight aluminum and powder coated, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The Sticklight is available in Bottle Green and Oxide Red.