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Have you used the Giftcard?  
Then don't forget to plant the giftcard in the soil, before you know it a wild mix of flowers will be growing in your garden or on your balcony! Follow the step-by-step instructions below:    
Step 1. Make sure the gift card is properly moistened First make sure the Weltevree gift card is properly moistened. And we mean really wet! Only when the paper is really wet can it dissolve so the seeds have all the room they need to germinate.   S
Step 2. Place the gift card on top of some soil. Place the Weltevree gift card in a pot indoors or outside on a balcony or in the garden on top of soil. Preferably use some potting soil for the vegetable garden for this. The best time to plant outside is from mid-May to October. Inside in a pot, you can plant the gift card all year round.    
Step 3. Cover the gift card with a thin layer of soil Cover the Weltevree Gift Card with a few millimeters of soil. This will ensure that the seeds receive enough nutrients, protection and sunlight to germinate properly. If you cover the paper with too thick a layer of soil, the seeds are less likely to germinate, or may not germinate at all.    
Step 4. Provide sufficient water Give the paper some water every day, especially in the beginning, so that the paper stays moist. It is best to use a sprinkler with a soft head so that the paper gets the same amount of water everywhere. A watering can or a cup without a nozzle can cause the paper to not get wet evenly and not all of the seeds to emerge equally.    
Step 5. Sun, warmth and lots of patience and love In addition, make sure you have a bright and a warm spot. We do not recommend a place in the full sun, as this can cause the paper to dry out. Within a week the first seeds will start to germinate. Be patient and enjoy the beautiful things that will grow!


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Experience time in a more meaningful way thanks to the Weltevree Sundial Table. This remarkable table comes to life through sunlight. The Sundial Table is a unique combination between a functional object, namely a table, and a sundial. The universal sundial works anywhere in the world and connects the table to the outdoors and the elements, specifically the sun. Use the pins to customize the table and mark specific moments in time that are of importance to you: breakfast, a coffee break. With the Sundial Table you enjoy the luxury to not live by the time, but more in the moment. True to your natural rhythm: the rhythm of the sun. Available in RAL 1002 and RAL 6013.Discover how the sundial actually works in this story. 

The multifunctional and rechargeable Guidelight lantern, designed by Floris Schoonderbeek, offers you more than just one function: it is a romantic ambient light, adventurous flashlight and focused spotlight all in one. The lightsource of the Guidelight can be dimmed with ease. One full charge equals 150 hours of usage. Combine the Guidelight with our Hook set to hang the Guidelight to a wall, ceiling and with a rope in a tree. The Guidelight has a lifespan of 50.000 hours of usage and is charged via a micro USB cable. The Guidelight is designed for outdoor usage and is splash proof. On which adventure will you bring the Guidelight?

This outdoor oven is an eye-catcher in any garden! Enrich your garden or patio with the Outdooroven Original. From bread rolls for breakfast to pizza or sparibs for dinner: the outdoor oven is a real all-rounder and contains an outdoor fireplace, oven and barbecue grill in one. So you can enjoy adventurous meals outdoors all year round. In summer with a cocktail and in winter with a hot chocolate.  In the lower open compartment the wood fire is stoked. Above it is a compartment with a lockable flap, in which you can bake. The top of the Outdooroven is flat and warm enough for cooking. The outdoor oven easily reaches temperatures up to 350 degrees and is expandable with various accessories. This iconic design by Dick van Hoff is made of high-quality 3mm thick Corten steel and will last at least 10 years. The outdoor oven comes complete with pizza stone, grill grid and 1 meter stove pipe. Complete your Outdooroven with various accessories.  Light a fire, make some goodies in the outdoor oven and chat with your friends while enjoying the crackling wood fire in the background. 

The Waterworks creates order and coziness around the water connection in the garden or balcony. The Waterworks includes a worktop and a perforated wall. The worktop has a recess where the included bucket fits perfectly. Easily hang your garden tools using the 3 included S-hooks. Use the Waterworks to rinse dirty boots, wash fresh fruit, prepare food on it or turn it into a mini bar with the bucket as a wine cooler! The Waterworks, designed by Floris Schoonderbeek, upgrades your outdoor faucet into a water station and outdoor sink all in one! The wall unit is weatherproof thanks to its powder coating and is available in RAL 7033.

The Serpentine is a garden shower completely made of stainless steel. The feather light construction makes it easy to move the Serpentine around, so you can take a shower wherever you want in your garden or on your rooftop. The Serpentine is designed by Tom de Vrieze can be disassembled into 3 parts and is connected to a standard garden hose connection.

With the Weltevree Swing, every tree becomes a playground! The Swing, designed by Thor ter Kulve, turns any place into a playground. Simply attach the swing to a pole or tree and discover your surroundings in a whole new way. The straps used to attach the Swing are suitable for trees up to two meters in diameter. For a tree thicker than 2 meters in diameter we have extra long straps, these are available separately in the webshop.   Guidelines:  The swing has a maximum load capacity of 100 kg.   For domestic use only.  Designed for outdoor use.  Not suitable for children under the age of 3 due to choking hazard from small parts and strangulation from the length of the rope.