Warranty period: 2 years
Material: Steel
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The Waterworks, designed by Floris Schoonderbeek, creates useful outdoor counter space right outside your house. The Waterworks makes it easy to tidy the mess around your outdoor water tap. It offers everything you need in one clever station: useful counter space, a proper water tap and organizing solutions. The Waterworks is finished with a powder coating protecting it from rust. Available in RAL 7033.

The Swing, designed by Thor ter Kulve, easily turns any area into a playground. Simply attach the Swing to a pole or tree and discover your surroundings in a whole new way. The straps will fit trees with a diameter up to two meters. The Swing has a maximum capacity of 100kg. Enjoy nature by swinging around.

Weltevree-rabat-shelving-hoog-en-laag Weltevree-Rabat-shelving-hoog-en-laag-tuinieren-2
The Rabat Shelving, designed by Lex Pott is a refined shelving system suitable for indoors and outdoors. The system is built up with wooden shelves that have a tongue and groove, making it easy to build. The high version is ideal as a room divider, while the low shelving works well as a workbench for outdoor cooking or as an extension of your toolstation.

Variants from €595.00
Weltevree-Stringlight-totaal-gekleurd Stringlight-Weltevree-binnen
These mouth-blown glass lamp shades make for cheerful lighting for indoor and outdoor use. The glass shades are colored and coated and can stay outside all year long. The Stringlight transforms a classic flat cable into a charming Stringlight that will mark any indoor or outdoor area as a special spot. Some measurements: 4 meters from the electrical plug until the first shade, 2 meters between the last last and hook & 90 centimeters between each lamp shade. Light bulbs are included.