Collapsible: No
Designer: Georg Wasensteiner
Maximum carrying capacity: 100 kg
Seat depth: 305 mm
Seating height: 760 mm
Seat width: 305 mm
Space: Suitable for indoors and outdoors
Warranty period: 12 months
Waterproof: Waterproof - possible to keep outdoors
Material: Larch Wood
Finish: Untreated
Can the cushions stay outside? Are the cushion and mattress washable? 
Yes, the pillows and mattresses can stay outside, even during rain. Yes, the outer cover is washable following the instructions on the care label on the inside of the covers. However, it is recommended to follow the other cleaning instructions first:  

  • cold wash max 30 degrees 
  • do not bleach 
  • iron at low temperature 
  • do not dry 
  • do not dry clean

What if the cushion and mattress have become very wet? 
Check if the filling of the cushion and the mattress got wet. If not, don't worry, the cover will dry by itself. If yes, it is advisable to let the pillows or mattress dry outside with the zipper open in dry weather. 

Can the cushions and mattresses stay outdoors outside the usage season? 
We recommend storing them inside to dry after each use. The Fieldlounger can basically stay outside all year round, but we advice you to store it inside outside the spring and summer seasons. 

Is the fabric stain resistant? 
Yes the fabric is of a synthetic fiber and is therefore easy to clean, please follow the cleaning instructions. Is the wood treated? No, the wood is not treated. Without treatment it will turn gray after some time. We recommend treating the wood before the first use. 

There is resin on my Fieldlounger or mattress, what now? 
One of the characteristics of larch wood is that it has a lot of resin in it. Among other things, the resin protects the tree from disease. The resin is easy to remove from both the wood and, for example, the mattress or clothing with benzene. 

My Fieldlounger is difficult to unfold, what to do? 
If the Fieldlounger is difficult to open, loosen the 2 screws on both sides at the "hinge" about 1/4 turn and try it again. try again if the lounger now opens better.


The pillow set is made from a soft but durable material called Olefin. Olefin is exceptionally colorfast, doesn’t stain and is waterproof, making it one of the best fabrics for outdoor use. The Woodlounger is made from exceptionally strong larchwood. The wood is left untreated for a natural look. This causes the wood to turn into a silvery gray color over time.



The elegant curved design of the wooden slats creates a soft and light seating position, making it feel almost as if you’re relaxing in a hammock.



The archetypical design based on the famous Belizean beach chair has an extra innovative feature: the chair is foldable, meaning you can easily store it away. Simply fold it in half and store it upright when not in use.

"I have worked as a roofer for many years. The wooden cross beams that form the basic structure of a roof are just about the strongest framework I can think of. I thought: if I turn these beams around, I have the perfect construction for a lounge chair."

Georg Wasensteiner


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Simplicity at its best: the clever construction makes this Fieldchair Lounge Chair very comfortable and easy to store. Find a nice spot in the garden and unfold the chair. Lean back and relax while enjoying the sunset, a good book or the crackling fire of the Outdoor oven. Grab a Sheepscoat for extra comfort.   The Weltevree Fieldchairs, designed by Floris Schoonderbeek, are made of sustainable Larch wood. To extend the life of your furniture, we suggest you to give it an oil treatment annually. With proper maintenance, folding and winter storage, you can enjoy the Fieldchairs for years to come. 

Experience time in a way that is meaningful to you with the Weltevree Sundial Table. This unique combination between a coffee table and a sundial comes to life through sunlight. The Universal Sundial works anywhere in the world and connects the coffee table to the outdoors and the sun. Designed by Umut Yamac, the Sundial Table exists in RAL 1002 and RAL 6013, with a RAL 1013 table top.  Personalize the table and use the included pins to pin the moments that are important to you. For example, pin your coffee and lunch breaks or the time your partner comes home from work. Because the position of the shadow tells you what time it is, you live less by the time and more in the moment. These moments are in agreement with your natural rhythm: the rhythm of the sun.  Find out more about how the Sundial Table works in this story.