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It goes without saying that being outside makes us happy. So what better way to celebrate the happiest season than by going outside? Ignite your inner adventurer and challenge yourself to find new ways to connect with your loved ones this holiday season. Gather around the fire, go on scavenger hunts, take an ice bath, swing until the sun rises. 

Get outside and create new traditions.

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With the Sticklight, a contemporary interpretation of the classic torch, designer Thor ter Kulve aims to make the world more playful and adventurous. The Sticklight is more than a portable light source: by sticking the Sticklight into the ground with the pin at the bottom, you claim a place as your own. Just like the flag on the moon: here I am, this is my spot for now. Whether in your own garden, on the beach or in the park, by poking the Sticklight into the ground, you create a place that’s all yours for a while. A foot holder and wall holder are available separately. With its functional and minimalist design, the Sticklight effortlessly connects outdoors with indoors and fits into any environment. The three different light modes, ranging from functional light to mood light, allow you to determine the atmosphere. Depending on the light intensity, the Sticklight lasts 7-100 hours on a fully charged battery. The Sticklight is made of lightweight aluminum and powder coated, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The Sticklight is available in Bottle Green and Oxide Red.

The Weltevree Oven Dish is more than a dish: it’s three dishes in one. It consists of two parts: a shallow dish and a deep dish and together they function as a casserole dish. The oven dish is completely made of enameled cast iron with a robust, matte look. This material retains heat and is naturally non-stick. It’s suitable for a variety of cooking tasks, but is especially great for slow cooking.

The multifunctional and rechargeable Guidelight, designed by Floris Schoonderbeek, provides more than just light. It is a romantic mood light, adventurous flashlight and focus spotlight all in one. Take the Guidelight to the campsite, for example. Turn on the Guidelight, grab a handful of nuts and pour a glass of wine: your evening outside can go on for a while. The light source of the Guidelight can easily be infinitely dimmed. A fully charged Guidelight equals 5-100 hours of use, depending on the light intensity. Combine the durable designer lamp with our Hook Set to hang the Guidelight on the wall, ceiling or on a tree branch. The Guidelight has an LED bulb with a lifespan of approximately 50,000 hours. The battery is charged via a USB-C port (cable excluded). The lamp is also suitable for outdoor use and is dripping waterproof. Where will the Guidelight take you?
The soft wool from the Sheepscoat adds warmth and comfort to any chair or bench. This Tesselaar sheep has grazed on the undulating meadows of the UK, where the salted sea air gave the sheep a soft and beautiful pelt. This Sheepscoat is a natural high quality, pure and genuine product and a perfect match to complete your Fieldchair. Attach the Sheepscoat with the loop to the Weltevree Fieldchair or roll it up to form a soft cushion. The Sheepscoat is available in two colorways.

The Stringlight with mouth-blown glass shades provides cheerful mood lighting for indoors and outdoors. The glass shades are colored and coated and can remain outdoors year-round. The mouth-blown shades transform a classic lamprey into the charming Stringlight. The Stringlight is available in white and multi-colored. Hang the Stringlight above the garden table, under the porch, or between trees. Enjoy your mood lighting during cozy drinks evenings and dinners in the garden.The Stringlight has the following features: 12 meter added cable.4 meters from the electrical plug until the first shade.2 meters between the last glass shade and the hook. 90 centimetres between each glass shade. The Stringlight must be attached at a minimum of 5 points to avoid too much pressure on the ends. Light bulbs are included in delivery. 

TUMBLERS (set of 2)
Enjoy a Weltevree coffee moment in the morning with the Tumbler coffee cups. Handcrafted in collaboration with StudioZAND in Amersfoort. The Tumblers are made of porcelain with a Weltevree pink glazed finish. The cups have a capacity of 0.2cl, diameter of 6.8cm, 7.5cm high and are dishwasher and microwave safe.  StudioZAND shares with Weltevree the love for designing and producing sustainable products. They, too, see it as their duty to design things that will last and see this as a form of sustainability. Frans Ottink & Erna Huppelschoten have been working together since 2003 under the name StudioZand and produce objects in small and larger editions. StudioZAND makes everything, from model and mould to final product, in their own studio in Amersfoort. An authentic craft that is still being practiced in the Netherlands.  

The perfect gift: a Weltevree Gift card. Whether it's for a birthday, a holiday or a token of appreciation, the gift card guarantees a sophisticated experience. The gift cards are available in €25,- €50,-, €75,- & €100,-. The Weltevree gift card is a seed card, so after using this gift card you give something back to nature. If you want to order a gift card with a higher amount than €100, please send us an email via info@weltevree.nle-mail us What you need to do: 1. Choose the amount you want to give. 2. Each amount can be redeemed for any product in our shop. 3. Place the selected gift card in the shopping cart and pay for the item. 4. After receiving the payment, you will receive the voucher and the selected amount by mail. This Gift Voucher contains a unique voucher code that can be redeemed in our shop. The voucher cannot be used in parts and must be spent in one go. The code of the gift card is redeemable up to 12 months after purchase. The gift card is not redeemable for cash. Have fun with the gift certificate!

Various options from €25.00
These Weltevree Tea Towels can also serve as a game board for Ludo or checkers. Create your own tokens and challenge your opponent(s) to a game. Any snack bowls, wine glasses or other dishes can wait until after the game, because whoever loses has to do the dishes and dry them off. Rather use a clean towel? They come in a set of two, so you’ll always have a clean tea towel at hand. Our Tea Towels are produced in Portugal and made from 100% organic cotton.

The Cutting Board is a wooden serving platter with soft curves, a hole and a remarkable feature: the wood surrounding the hole creates a perfect round tube. The hole is big enough for a thumb to fit through, making it an ideal handle for serving. You can also hang the cutting board to save space in the kitchen.

The Pizza Shovel helps you take warm dishes and pizzas out of the oven with ease. The enhanced handle offers extra grip and helps to keep it upright without the risk of it tipping over. This way the blade stays clean and ready for use. Place the shovel next to your oven or hang it from a wall.


Weltevree Brandstore days

We strongly believe that life is about what you experience, not what you own. With our products, we strive to help you experience nature and your surroundings more consciously. Our products are a blueprint for authentic, analog experiences. Every first Saturday of the month we are open, all about experiencing Weltevree. By trial sitting, trial plunging and trial lying you will experience for yourself how to enjoy the outdoors all year round. 

Throughout Europe you also can find locations where you can experience Weltevree. Not only stores, but also vacation homes where you can find our products or places where you can rent the Dutchtub, for example.

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