The Outdooroven: the one and only original pizzaoven

The Outdooroven: the one and only original pizzaoven

The Outdooroven is one of our most popular products. It’s often one of the first things people recognize us for. But with many other outdoor fireplaces and ovens around, why do we claim the Weltevree Outdooroven to be different? There are several things about the design and material of our oven that make it special. 

Designed from a need for outdoor cooking 

Back in 2005, designer Dick van Hoff felt the need to be able to cook outdoors all year round. While we all use the barbecue in summer, we tend to ignore the possibility for outdoor cooking in the other months. Dick had to change this. He wanted to bake pizzas and other oven dishes no matter what the weather was like. From this idea, he came up with an outdoor oven; a design in which the function was the most important thing. It needed to be easy to use, easy to maintain and sturdy enough to last for years. This is how the Weltevree Pizzaoven came into existence. 

The Outdooroven is a fireplace, pizzaoven, barbecue grill, pizzaoven and stovetop all in one. Unlike with a barbecue, it has not been designed to store away after you use it. The sturdy steel Outdooroven is meant to be the center piece in your garden. It should become a place where you enjoy the warmth together with friends and family and where you can cook outdoor dinners all year long. Exactly what Dick meant when he first designed it.  

Since the Outdooroven is a wood-burning fireplace and pizzaoven, you have to chop up firewood and light a fire for it to heat up. It takes some effort, but to us, this really adds to the overall experience of the oven. It takes around thirty minutes for the oven to warm up enough to bake pizzas in it. But while you’re waiting, you can already enjoy the warmth of the fire yourself. 
Outdooroven Pizzaoven
The smart design and quality of the Pizzaoven

The Outdooroven is made from 3mm thick Corten steel, also known as weathering steel. Your oven will be delivered without the layer of rust, but once it’s placed outside, it will start to oxidize over time. This is what gives the Outdoor Pizzaoven the well-known robust look. However, did you know that this layer of rust is a special quality of Corten steel? Unlike with normal steel, the layer of rust protects the steel underneath from further oxidization. The layer is called patina and results in a very long lifespan of the oven. 

When burning a fire, you will notice there’s a lot less smoke than you might expect from an outdoor fireplace, especially when using the optional Outdooroven door. This is because of the controlled airflow in the oven. The oven pipe has a good and sufficient draft, which causes a steady burn that produces less smoke. Thanks to the double walled design the smoke is then guided away from the oven compartment, directly into the chimney pipe. Because of this, when using the Outdooroven, smoke will not bother you much.
Outdooroven Pizzaoven
Finally, there are the smaller details that are important to the smart design of the Outdooroven. For example, you won’t have to worry about the drainage of water. To prevent rainwater becoming a problem, the top steel plate is slightly tilted and there are two small openings in the back. This helps the rain to easily and automatically be drained from the top of the oven. Another design detail is the raised bottom plate in the combustion chamber. It is punctured to make sure small ash particles will fall through the holes. This allows for more air supply and will keep your fire going. It is the small details like that that make the Outdooroven so unique. 
An eye-catcher in every garden! Enrich your garden or patio with the Outdooroven Original. An all-rounder - outdoor fireplace, pizza oven & barbecue grill in one - enjoy outdoor dining and outdoor living all year round. This Iconic design from Dick van Hoff is made from 3mm highest quality Corten Steel and will last for at least 10 years when stored outside all year long. In the lower compartment the wood burning fire will make sure for an even heat distribution heating up the upper (pizza) compartment. The outdooroven can get up to 350 degrees easily and is expandable with various accessories. The Outdooroven is delivered with a one meter chimney pipe, a grill rack and pizza stone. Complete your Outdooroven with various accessoires.

The Outdooroven XL, a design by Dick van Hoff, is a complete outdoor kitchen for the real master chef. This wood burning stove has a large barbeque grill, pizza stone with a closable door and a lid under which you can smoke and cook your meat, fish or vegetables. The Outdooroven XL is made from 3mm highest quality Corten Steel and will last for at least 10 years when stored outside all year long. The pizza compartment can get up to 350 degrees easily.

The Extra Meter Chimney Pipe fits perfectly on the standard Outdooroven pipe. The pipe causes a stronger draught effect, which improves the heat distribution throughout the oven. This leads to shorter cooking times!

The chimney cowl protects the Outdooroven pipe against possible incoming rain and acts as a spark arrestor.

The Outdooroven door matches any Outdooroven (new and already in use). When using the Outdooroven with door the temperature in the oven increases and the smoke is better extracted via the chimney, plus you will burn the wood more efficiently.

Can be used underneath the Outdooroven to protect the terrace or balcony against sparks that can drop from the oven. The floor plate does not protect the terrace against rust.