Category: Outdoor Table, Side Table
Designer: Umut Yamac
Space: Suitable for outdoors
Warranty period: 12 months
Material: Aluminium, Steel
Finish: Powdercoated
Color: Yellow
Product Color : Sand Yellow RAL 1002
How can I maintain my Weltevree products in the best way? 
More maintenance tips for our products can be found on our maintenancepage.


Unlike other sundials, the Sundial Table universal sundial can function anywhere in the world. The sundial connects the table to nature. It offers a slower and more spatial approach to time: one that is closer to our natural rhythm. The included pins allow you to mark important moments in the day. Think of breakfast or the moment when the children come home from school. In this way, you can make the sundial table as personal as you like.


A beautiful table - even when the sun is not shining. Without shining sun, the sundial rests and waits until it is awakened by the sun. Due to its multifunctional origins, the Sundial Table never loses its function. It remains a good side table for indoor or outdoor use. The powder-coated aluminum adds a bonus: the Sundial Table is completely maintenance-free and easy to clean with water and a soft cloth.


The Sundial Table is not a replacement for our modern way of measuring time. As designer Umut Yamac says, "It is not about time in the sense of measuring time, but about time in the sense of contact with the outside world and moments that are important to you." The included pins allow you to customize the table and pin specific moments. The Sundial Table offers a slower and more spatial way of time, by linking it back to the environment and the elements. In short, it connects the user to nature in a new way.
"It's not about time in the sense of measuring time, but about time in the sense of connecting with nature and moments that are important to you."

Umut Yamac


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Simplicity at its best: the clever construction makes this Fieldchair Lounge Chair very comfortable and easy to store. Find a nice spot in the garden and unfold the chair. Lean back and relax while enjoying the sunset, a good book or the crackling fire of the Outdoor oven. Grab a Sheepscoat for extra comfort.   The Weltevree Fieldchairs, designed by Floris Schoonderbeek, are made of sustainable Larch wood. To extend the life of your furniture, we suggest you to give it an oil treatment annually. With proper maintenance, folding and winter storage, you can enjoy the Fieldchairs for years to come. 

The Bended Lounger garden chair is part of the cozy Bended Series. The garden chair forms a sturdy design thanks to the plates, which are bent in 45 degrees. In addition, both sides are reinforced with steel. Because the Bended Lounger is made of light aluminum, it is easily movable. The garden chair adapts flexibly to any surface and does not wobble. The chair can be used indoors and outdoors and comes with a Bended Cushion of 55x55 cm.  Place the chair in a sunny spot or close to the outdoor oven and prolong being outdoors. Use the Bended Lounger in combination with our Bended Stool or other products from the Bended Series, to create a cozy seating area in your garden or on the balcony. Take a moment for yourself in your seating area with a good book and a cup of tea or enjoy a cozy evening of drinks with friends or family.   The Bended Series products, designed by Jaïr Straschnow, are made of 3mm aluminum, which is 100% recyclable. Because the Bended products feature a powder-coated finish, they require little maintenance. You easily clean the products with a soft cloth and water. Everything in the Bended Series can be used indoors and outdoors and is available in light green, gray-blue and agate gray. Important: Due to the transition to a new cushion, the pillow will be delivered in week 23. The Bended Lounger can be delivered within the provided shipping period.

Erik Stehmann combined the timeless, classic beach chair with the comfort and experience of a rocking chair. The fresh colors of the fabric were created in a collaboration with design studio Raw Color and are inspired by the colors of the horizon: the sunset and sunrise. The chairs are made of light, varnished beech wood from Dutch forestry. Store the beach chair in a dry place when not in use. The organic fabric is resistant to rain & dirt. Store the Beach Rocker in a dry place when not in use. The Beach Chair is available in two colorways and built from beech wood and organic cotton.

TUMBLERS (set of 2)
Enjoy a Weltevree coffee moment in the morning with the Tumbler coffee cups. Handcrafted in collaboration with StudioZAND in Amersfoort. The Tumblers are made of porcelain with a Weltevree pink glazed finish. The cups have a capacity of 0.2cl, diameter of 6.8cm, 7.5cm high and are dishwasher and microwave safe.  StudioZAND shares with Weltevree the love for designing and producing sustainable products. They, too, see it as their duty to design things that will last and see this as a form of sustainability. Frans Ottink & Erna Huppelschoten have been working together since 2003 under the name StudioZand and produce objects in small and larger editions. StudioZAND makes everything, from model and mould to final product, in their own studio in Amersfoort. An authentic craft that is still being practiced in the Netherlands.