How to make the perfect pizza in your Outdooroven

Cooking in the open air: we love it! Few things feel as satisfying as lighting a fire and cooking your own meals on it. In the Weltevree Outdoor Oven you can bake your own bread or heat up an oven dish and even bake your own pizza. How? We'll tell you in this blog!

Would you like to enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere in your own garden? With an Outdooroven Original you give a whole new dimension to dining and you immediately create atmosphere in your garden. So it's not surprising that the Outdooroven is one of Weltevree's absolute favorites. In this lockable oven you can grill, cook and - perhaps secretly the most fun to do - bake your own pizza all year round thanks to the included pizza stone. With these tips you are sure to impress with your authentic, delicious pizza!

1. Prepare the dough 
 A successful pizza starts with a good foundation: the dough. For this you only need to buy a few ingredients: wheat semolina, salt, dried yeast, cane sugar and water. On www.pizzacreator.net you will find a 'pizza dough calculator', so you can easily find the right proportions. Don't feel like making your own dough? The ready-made pizza dough from Ome Jan is highly recommended: it is vegan and comes with a delicious tomato sauce. Did you manage to make a nice ball of dough? Then it's time to roll it out! Tip: rub your workbench with Semola (sold in the supermarket): double-ground wheat semolina flour, which absorbs moisture well. Then knead out the dough with your hands. Never use a rolling pin, this will roll the air out of your dough and you will never get those nice bubbles in your pizza bottom.
2. Go for light toppings 
At this point you might want to add the sauce and toppings, but wait just a minute! Move your baking sheet or pizza scoop (available as an accessory in the Weltevree shop) back and forth. Is your dough stuck to the scoop and can't move at all? Then lift the edges a bit and sprinkle a bit more Semola on top of the scoop. Once you've been busy with toppings, you won't be able to do this again, so be sure not to forget this step. And then it's finally time for the toppings! We are team 'less is more', which makes for a light and airy pizza. With (possibly) homemade tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil, you will already come a long way. Spread the passata with the rounded side of a spoon over the pizza and stay about 3 cm from the edge. Top with a small drizzle of olive oil over the edge of the pizza. Now your pizza can go into the oven! Another tip: lift one edge of the pizza and blow gently under it. This creates "air pockets" under the pizza and spreads the flour to other parts of the pizza that may still be sticking.
3. And now: into the oven! 
Make sure the oven is hot before you slide your pizza in. The best way to light the Outdoor oven is with dry oak wood. This type of wood gives off a lot of heat and that is exactly what you want for a hot pizza stone! To keep an eye on the temperature, it is a good idea to purchase Weltevree's magnetic thermometer, which you can order separately as an accessory. Place the thermometer on the inside of the pizza compartment (and not on the outside of the door, as is often done). This way you can measure whether the temperature is optimal for a really hot pizza stone. The Outdoor oven can reach about 350 degrees; at this point your pizza will need about 5 - 7 minutes and then it will be perfect. Buon appetito!
Want to experiment with baking your own pizzas? Weltevree's Outdooroven is now synonymous with 'pizza oven'. This iconic design by Dick van Hoff will last at least 10 years and can be left outside all year round. Expand your Outdooroven with various accessories. Enjoy cooking outdoors!
This outdooroven is an eye-catcher in any garden! Enrich your garden or patio with the Outdooroven Original. From bread rolls for breakfast to pizza or sparibs for dinner: the outdoor oven is a real all-rounder and contains an outdoor fireplace, oven and barbecue grill in one. So you can enjoy adventurous meals outdoors all year round. In summer with a cocktail and in winter with a hot chocolate.  In the lower open compartment the wood fire is stoked. Above it is a compartment with a lockable flap, in which you can bake. The top of the Outdooroven is flat and warm enough for cooking. The outdoor oven easily reaches temperatures up to 350 degrees and is expandable with various accessories. This iconic design by Dick van Hoff is made of high-quality 3mm thick Corten steel and will last at least 10 years. The outdoor oven comes complete with pizza stone, grill grid and 1 meter stove pipe. Complete your Outdooroven with various accessories.  Light a fire, make some goodies in the outdoor oven and chat with your friends while enjoying the crackling wood fire in the background. 

The Outdooroven XL, designed by Dick van Hoff, is a complete outdoor kitchen for the true masterchef. This wood oven has a large grill, a pizza stone with lockable door and a lid under which you can smoke and cook meat, fish or vegetables. Gather the ingredients for a tasty dish and make outdoor cooking a real experience. Take a seat at the garden table and taste your prepared food, while still letting the Outdooroven XL fire deliciously. The Outdooroven XL is made of 3mm thick corten steel of the highest quality and will last at least 10 years. The oven space can easily reach 350 degrees hot. To store the Outdooroven XL in a nice and handy way, you can order a wooden base as an addition.

The Outdooroven XL fits perfectly on top of this wooden XL Base. There is space underneath to store cooking supplies or firewood, completing any outdoor kitchen.

The Outdooroven door matches any Outdooroven (new and already in use). When using the Outdooroven with door the temperature in the oven increases and the smoke is better extracted via the chimney, plus you will burn the wood more efficiently.

The chimney cowl protects the Outdooroven pipe against possible incoming rain and acts as a spark arrestor.

The Extra Meter Chimney Pipe fits perfectly on the standard Outdooroven pipe. The pipe causes a stronger draught effect, which improves the heat distribution throughout the oven. This leads to shorter cooking times!

Can be used underneath the Outdooroven to protect the terrace or balcony against sparks that can drop from the oven and on soft surfaces from sinking the outdoor oven. The floorplate does not get hot and does not protect the patio from rust.

The Pizza Shovel helps you take warm dishes and pizzas out of the oven with ease. The enhanced handle offers extra grip and helps to keep it upright without the risk of it tipping over. This way the blade stays clean and ready for use. Place the shovel next to your oven or hang it from a wall.

The Magnetic Thermometer is used to heat your Outdoor oven to the correct temperature. Because the back is magnetic, the thermometer is easy to place on the oven. For the most accurate reading, it is important to place the thermometer on the inside of the top compartment.