Outdoor oven (XL) recipe: caramelized leeks

Outdoor oven (XL) recipe: caramelized leeks

This special treat is packed with flavor and is perfect for a surprising side dish with your dinner. The caramelized leeks, prepared on the Outdooroven, is a true taste explosion you don't want to miss. The leeks are slowly cooked in the outdoor oven, bringing out their natural sweetness and forming a delicious caramel layer. The result is a silky texture with a delicate, slightly sweet flavor that goes perfectly with a variety of dishes. Try it yourself and be surprised by the unique combination of flavors that the Outdooroven gives to this dish. Enjoy the delicious caramelized leeks and let your taste buds indulge in this unique culinary delight.

Ingredients for 2: 
  • 3 large leeks 
  • Miso paste 
  • Tamarind paste 
  • Mustard 
  • Vegetable boullion
Step 1: Cut the leeks into pieces about the size shown in the picture above. Put oil in the Oven dish and place the leeks in this upright. 

Step 2: Do this for about 10 minutes in the warm outdoor oven.

Step 3: Turn the leek pieces once and add 150 ml of broth. 

Step 4: Add the taraminde paste, mustard and miso paste with some salt and pepper.

Step 5: Do this in the outdoor oven for another 15 minutes. Turn the leek pieces over again after 7 minutes.

Step 6: Enjoy your caramelized leeks!
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